Noksibcho Central Research Center

Develop eco-friendly new materials, seeks excellent quality


The Noksibcho Central Research Center

Has contributed to making a healthy society based on science by producing Top 1 Noksibcho Aloe with eco-friendly new material development and truthful products.
Based on our high-tech research, the Noksibcho Central Research Center will not limit its research scope to aloe, but aims to focus on research to take another leap forward as a “researching bio-engineering company.”
With the aim of developing safe new materials and technology, we are carrying out continuous investment on industry-academia joint research and technology to develop health-oriented products.


“Noksibcho Aloe GMP Production Plant is the byproduct of the quality-oriented No. 1 product.”
Noksibcho GMP Production Plant carries out manufacturing of all our aloe health supplements and special products under quality certification system.
Noksibcho Aloe, which has continued to achieve such “top notch” quality, which enabled us to establish the international standard production system. With the recent excellent health supplement manufacturing criteria, we have established the industry leading GMP production facilities to establish the utmost production and quality control criteria.