Simultaneous brushing with 3 brushes that go back and forth


COOL SSHA is science for the age of Centenarians

COOL SSHA Electric Toothbrush is another new name for Noksibcho Group, which grew as a medical enterprise for a healthy global community based on 3 decades of expertise in health-related industries – health supplements, cosmetics, medical goods and medical convalescent hospital.

Based on the accumulated excellent product development technology and knowhow by exporting products to some 2 dozen countries, Noksibcho Group has learned that dental health has a great impact on human lifespan. Therefore, we have researched and developed the world’s best product jointly with professional dentists, dental experts, special engineers starting from 15 years ago.

We boast internationally patented technology that has been designed as the most ideal method of brushing from left to right and up to bottom as suggested by professional dentists.

While we live in the age of Centenarians, clean oral health care is a factor that threatens human lifespan. To tackle such concerns, we have successfully designed toothbrush that brushes the teeth with 3 brushes at the same time.

COOL SSHA Electronic Toothbrush will help contribute to your healthy lives and longevity. We promise that we will further continue research to develop ourselves into a global company and will always pay back to your continued interest and love.