Noksibcho Central Research Center

Develop eco-friendly new materials, seeks excellent quality


Noksibcho Central Research Center that realizes the dream of bioscience and life extension

Noksibcho Central Research Center values creative and innovative mind. We are trying to contribute to humankind by developing safe and eco-friendly new materials based on the dignity of human life at the Noksibcho Central Research Center.

Besides, to prepare for our competitive position in world markets, by taking a long-range view, we have established the foundation of an educational-industrial complex with excellent universities and institutes from both domestic and foreign, and formed a continuous network. The whole manufacturing process is progressed under thorough hygiene maintenance system, and we are placing a premium upon the research for excellent quality of health supplements

Noksibcho Central Research Center values professional mind. More than 80% of researchers are composed of Masters in Pharmacy, Pure Science and Applied Science field. We employ the researchers excellent in Foundation Studies, and create the best research installation and surrounding environment to bring them up as global cosmetic experts in the relevant field of study.