Noksibcho Convalescent Hospital

Optimized tailored treatment through Western and Oriental medical science cooperative treatment system


Optimized tailored treatment,
Through West-Oriental cooperative medical science treatment system

Noksibcho Convalescent Hospital had opened on 2007 as Noksibcho Korean Medicine Hospital to upgrade as a professional complementary medicine company from professional health supplement company, and based on the reputation for the effects of aloe and health supplements and with the faith o fcore medical science for health, it will emerge the new concept of treatment engineering science passing over both the Oriental and Western Orthodox medicine. By establishing HMP foundation and under the slogan to be the hope of society as a national enterprise, Noksibcho Convalescent Hospital will take the lead in social con­tribution.

Based on the accumulated research results of Noksibcho Research Center for Constitutional Improvement for the past 2 decades, we are focusing on treatment for the diseases hard to cure such as dementia, cardiovascular diseases, atopic dermatitis, menopausal disorder, diabetes and so on.

Moreover, to succeed the spirit of ancestors, Noksibcho Convalescent Hospital had acquired the patent of Energy Needles Manufacturing Method from the Korean Intellectual Property Office on 2003 for the first time is Korea.

The animal testing for Energy Needles was conducted by Kim Hyeong-min (Ph.D.), Professor Team of Kyunghee University, college of Oriental Medicine, and the research result has been registered on the paper in the United States' top Oriental Medicine academic journal.

Not the hospital for pursuit of profits, but for fundamental treatment, we are expanding the land for the second hospital in Songpa district, and are forwarding the establishment of the third hospital in Songdo, lncheon.