A Global Company Suitable for the Age of Constant Changes

  • NOKSIBCHO ALOE changed its name to “NOKSIBCHO” as of January 1, 2007. The old era demanded change, the current era demands creation and the future era expects a new NOKSIBCHO.
  • We will lead the future global era with a firm brand image and foundation for global company with a new mission suitable for the age of constant changes.
  • Symbol mark()means the earth and congruity of the east and west, which will lead the global people back to pure natural state.
  • Symbol mark()means natural and NOKSIBCHO and going back to the mother nature means refers to spreading to the world through human networks.
  • The red circle()represents the sun and earth, also the light of hope that a fetus first saw in the womb.
  • The leaf-shaped space at the letter CHO refers to the principle of purity origin going back to the pure nature and means going back to natural state by healing numerous diseases generated by deviating from the original state as human beings grow.