Initiation of Focused Business Strategy

NOKSIBCHO, Constantly Creating New Values

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Global Brand Development Plan, Green Health Culture, Customer Happiness These are the Commitment of NOKSIBCHO INC.

The utmost value of human beings is health, and building a clean and healthy life is a measure of life.
Thus, in the past 30 years, NOKSIBCHO INC. has been expanding the business area based on aloe, including NOKSIBCHO Cosmetics, NOKSIBCHO Pharmaceutical, NOKSIBCHO Women and Health, NOKSIBCHO Oriental Medicine Hospital. As of 2007 NEW CI release, NOKSIBCHO is striving toward a new future of transformation.

By removing the word “Aloe”, NOKSIBCHO has upgraded from the healthcare supplement company to alternative medicine specialist company and has embraced the green health culture home and abroad.

Furthermore, NOKSIBCHO will promote systematic and scientific the world class product development though restress investment and research. Our management innovation will make us the guide to human health and beauty. By leading the well-being culture at home and abroad, NOKSIBCHO will become a leading eco-friendly company delivering health culture and values.

Greetings from CEO

The World Our Customers Desire
The Future Our Customers Dream

Since its establishment in the barren area in 1979, NOKSIBCHO INC. has grown from the company leading the green trend and health culture and into the company specialized in the alternative medicine under the love and care of customers and employees.

Now, are dreaming of a new future. Just as NOKSIBCHO created the green boom by focused investment based on effective management innovation, we will grow into a world-class company with customers, NOKSIBCHO employees. We have expanded our scope of business at home and abroad based on aloe including not only NOKSIBCHO Aloe,. NOKSIBCHO Pharmaceutical, NOKSIBCHO Oriental Medicine Hospital but also THE SKIN HOUSE and SFERANGS, the cosmetic brands for every generation.

Through restless investment and innovation, through Consumer Satisfaction Management communicating with customers, with the blue ocean strategy creating a new market instead of searching for a niche market, NOKSIBCHO INC. will present new values at all times and will do our utmost efforts with the firm commitment so that NOKSIBCHO INC. can remind customers of happiness.

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Only the restless practice can refer to a series of processes creating a happy life which is two steps higher for customers, employees and NOKSIBCHO GROUP.

  • Green Trend Management

    New First-class Talents

    A top-class product is a high-priced product with the best quality. However, a valuable product is the best product that anyone can easily use at an affordable price easily, and therefore is being consumed all the year round.

  • New Top-class Product

    New First-class Talents

    A 21st century company-wide talent who knows and practices. But, a company-wide talent refers to a NOKSIBCHO personnel who goes beyond conducting what he knows and pursues innovation with futuristic attitude foreseeing two steps ahead.

  • New Top-class Product

    New Numerous Top Classes

    NOKSIBCHO INC. creates a good workplace for NOKSIBCHO personnel and NOKSIBCHO personnel creates driving force and endless profit sources. This win-win strategy allow us to pursue a life of abundance.



    A person who creates.

      No one can succeed through imitation.
      Imitation without creative thinking is nothing but a mere imitation.

      Knowing is important, but learning is required. But, a truly talented person has the power to create something new. The role of a company is to bring talented people together and create a field of competition. A truly talented person is the one who creates the best idea in the field of fierce talents.


    A person who innovates.

      If a person is afraid of shadows, he is the one who does not know that there is light near.

      Consumer needs are changing and demanding day by day. In other words, a company afraid to change will die out.
      A person who reads the trend and constantly changes, and who initiate a new efficient way without being tied to old practices, is a person desired by the 21st century companies.


    A person who grows together.

      A person who grows with the company and who has a sincere mind to design the future.

      Only a person who has a healthy work ethics that he/she can grow through the company’s development and who develops professionalism with an attitude to always lean and study will be the person who can design a future with the company.