A Global Brand Stretching over the World


A Global Specialized Brand Sold in Korea, US and Europe

It means shining Aloe and keeping the health.
Aloe contains plenty of nutrients for health and skin improvement. NOKSIBCHO has established itself as the top aloe maker in Korea and now is a global brand sold all over the world, including USA.

NOKSIBCHO has been helping the healthy life and livelihood of global people with nutrients of Aloe and will lead the health culture again.


We are focusing on the development of world-class health products.

Especially, under the 21st capitalism, happiness is the wealth and honor based on the health. Therefore, NOKSIBCHO is leading the development of world-class products with researchers of systematic and scientific NOKSIBCHO Central Institute, renowned universities and bright scholars in the world.

Currently, we are researching and manufacturing products only through cutting-edge test equipment such as general foods, health functional foods, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

NOKSIBCHO is dedicated to the product to be proud in front of our descendants, and will continue to create values with pride so that all the mankind can enjoy happy and healthy life.