A Global Brand Stretching over the World


Realization of Disease-free Society

NOKSIBCHO Cosmetics (prev.: NOKSIBCHO Pharmaceutical) is building a thorough safety management system and advanced scientific research and development system with the pride to be responsible for a beautiful and happy life of all people.

NOKSIBCHO Cosmetics (prev.: NOKSIBCHO Pharmaceutical) has valued customers based on this system, marked a turning point for R&D of our own ingredients and finished products with the spirit of prioritizing the quality, and continuously expanded the foundation for research such as securing and fostering good manpower, modernizing the research facilities.
We are devoted to development enhancing the human life and are fulfilling our responsibilities and duties as a representative company of Korea.


NOKSIBCHO Cosmetics Realizing a Beautiful and Happy Life

We only care about your health and skin.
NOKSIBCHO Cosmetics (prev.: NOKSIBCHO Pharmaceutical) has put beauty and health of your skin at the forefront.
NOKSIBCHO Cosmetics is a premium functional cosmetics brand that emphasizes professionalism for the healthy skin of modern people with the skin health know-how accumulated over the last 30 years. It has been developing skin-friendly functional cosmetics through scientific and systematic research on the skin based on QC standard which NOKSIBCHO has pursued from the ingredient selection to the manufacturing principle.

In addition, we are striving toward a wider world based on our world-class technological strengths and making every effort on each product based on the quality perfectionism which does not allow a single defect.