Noksibcho Convalescent Hospital

Optimized tailored treatment through Western and Oriental medical science cooperative treatment system


First in Korea to acquire patent on Energy Needles Manufacturing Method

Made with the Energy Needles Manufacturing Method patented by the Korean Intellectual Property Office, the research result of animal testing for Energy Needles has been registered on the U.S. SCI level Oriental Medicine academic journal (Chicago TANG Oriental Medicine Research Center, U.S.). It was confirmed that the patented Energy Needles Manufacturing Method has higher treatment effects than normal acupuncture needles. Our hospital uses the patented Energy Needles.


West-Oriental cooperative medical science treatment

We provide the most optimal treatment tailored to patients by providing the benefits of West and Oriental medical science as well as by mutually supplementing the areas that they lack. Medical specialties are as follows: internal medicine, neurology, surgery, orthopedics, nephrology, rehabilitation medicine, family medicine, oriental medicine. Vaccination and skin laser treatment are also available.


Connected with regular laughter, music, arts therapy and religious activities

Patients can maintain their cognitive ability while getting a chance to work out through exciting activities, which can also help them nurture social skills to enhance their confidence level. In addition, religious activities – Christianity, Catholicism, Buddhism – can help them gain mind and body rest.


Up-to-date medical facilities and hotel-style hospital room system

All hospital rooms have air purifier, humidifier to circulate air and control humidity. Equipped with ceiling-type air conditioners, the rooms also help patients maintain healthy state by controlling room temperature depending on the season. All rooms have separated shower facilities and restrooms. We also have automated electronic beds and pressure ulcer prevention air mattresses for patients.


Medical staff and care workers with benevolence and warm hearts

The chairperson of the foundation carries out personal interview for all staff, medical staff, nurses and care workers who are employed at the Noksibcho Convalescent Hospital. The chairperson’s operation philosophy is to emphasize the importance of communication with not only patients but also their families and guardians while seeking improvement in all areas even including small discomfort. We believe that when medical staff and all members of the hospital treats patients with such warm heart and benevolent smile, their health will get better. The Noksibcho Convalescent Hospital takes care of our patients just like our own family and parents.


Contributing to public health

Our Ellipeace Wellbeing Medical Center exerts efforts to achieve customer satisfaction through the introduction of healing and ray therapy. Moreover, with the partnership agreements with many famous hospitals across Korea – Korea University Guro Hospital, Kangbuk Samsung Hospital, Hanyang University Hospital, Hallym University Medical Center, we aim to provide high quality medical services. Not the hospital for pursuit of profits, but for fundamental treatment, we are expanding the land for the second hospital in Songpa district, and are forwarding the establishment of the third hospital in Songdo, lncheon. The Noksibcho Convalescent Hospital will contribute to public health by not only becoming Korea’s best medical institution but also as a global brand.